Fit and Jump - our history

We are a group of youngsters, who lost their everyday duties but gained a lot of free time. We had a motivation to do something big, yet we didn't have any idea what to do.

April, 2014. Kasia said: Let's do fitness on trampolines. Kasia is got her diploma in Marketing therefore her character and knowledge gave us a huge drive. Milka, as a professional dancer and a person with humongous amout of energy completed the team by creating an innovative fitness program. This was made on the trampolines from import, and probably it will still be like that unless trampolines after one month of usage were broken because of their poor quality.

Then Bartek joined the team – a master of logistics and perfectionist, who couldn't stand it. He created Fit and Jump Trampolines. After many hours of trying, designing, testing and adapting he finally created it! We produced 30 of them and started our classes in our club. It was then, after some time, that we started to get orders from customers who wanted to have it on their own.

Our endorser are 'Siostry AdiHD'' – Ilona and Milena Krawczynska who is also our PR manager.

How the name Fit and Jump came to life and why the Blue?

The name is simple and shows our bussines in its full spectrum – We were sitting in the kitchen, we were brainstorming, words such as fitness, trampoline, jump appeared and that's it! And the blue colour was chosen by our trainees on facebook voting.

Where does it came from?

Idea went to life in Łódź, but now we have our branches all over the country and abroad.

Who was the inventor of that idea?

Kasia saw a movie in the internet and infected us with this marvelous idea.

How the Fit and Jump program was invented?

Milka created it with the deep thinking about safety and avaliability for everyone. Herself has a problem with knee joints, so the program excluded dangerous movements typical for other fitness forms.

Where the first classes were done?

First classes were organized on Jaracza Street in a small gym, no mirrors, with music played from small cdplayer, but the interest of such a training grew and grew.

Why did You starte to produce trampolines?

When we started, spring trampolines quickly lost its durability and became broken. Legs were falling off, springs were breaking and made a lot of noise. And You couln not lay on the trampoline because springs meshed the hair and were not comfortable for back and legs. Then we faced the decision – either we quit or we start to produce our devices. Bartek entered the team and this is how me became first Polish trampolines producer.