Privacy Policy (

I. General information

1. Administrator of is KEJT Katarzyna Kucińska; Pomorska 40, 91-408 Łódź; NIP: 769-213-83-78]

2. Website gathers the information about users and theirs behavior in following way:

  1. Through unsolicited input of information via forms.
  2. Through cookies
  3. Through log history from server: SW Hosting; SW IT SOLUTIONS SP.Z O.O. SP.K.; Gliniana 29/31, 91-336 Łódź


II. Information from Forms.

1. System gathers information given willingly by users

2. System may store information about connection ( time, IP address )

3. Forms data is shared with third parties only after user's acceptance

4. Data gathered from a form may create a collection of potential customers, registered by the service operator in the General Personal Data Inspector register.

5. Data from form is processed accordingly to functionality of certain form – for instance – to process the system log or commercial contact.

6. Form data may be delivered to parties performing technical services – especially registered website database ( NASK ), electronic payment services and other parties co-operating with service administrator.


III Cookies

1. Service is using cookies

2. Cookies files are IT data, especially text files stored in a device of service user and used for service usage. Cookies usually contain name of website, time of its storage and unique log number.

3. Administrator of the service puts cookies on the user's device.

4. Cookies files are used in following purposes:

  1. to make statistics used for proper functionality of a service
  2. To stabilize connection of the user with service after log in, which allows user to use subspaces without loggin in every subpage
  3. to define the user profile according to advertising profiling for marketing networks such as Google or the others.

4. In the service two forms of cookies files are used: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, stored in a user's device until loggin out or switching off the internet browser. Persistent cookies are are stored in the user's device for the set time or during user's cancellation of this storage.

5. Software for internet website browsing usually allows to store cookies in the user's device. Users of the service can make changes in the browser setup. Internet browser allows to remove cookies, it is also available to automatic block of cookies files. Detailed information how to do it is provided by web browser technical instruction.

6. Blocking some of cookies functions may result in incapability of some service functionality;

7. Cookies in a user's device may be used also by co-operants of the service such as partners or advertisers.

8. We recommend to read privacy policy of companies – TUTAJ LINK to Polityki Google Analytics

9. Cookies files may be used by advertisers like Google for targeted marketing campaigns based on a user's network behavior. Therefore some tracks of user's navigation on the website may be stored.

10. User's cookies may be analyzed by Google network for data preference and its edition via GOOGLE PREFERENCE LINK.



1. Some user behavior is under server log-in monitoring. Data is used only for administrator purpose to provide best quality of a hosting service.

2. Browsed identification sources are identified via URL addresses. Other data monitored:

  1. time of sever request
  2. Time of servers response
  3. Name of client station – via HTTP protocol
  4. Error information resulting from HTTP protocol
  5. URL address of previously visited website ( referer link ) when entry to the service came from external link.
  6. Browser information.
  7. IP address information.

3. Following data are not connected with exact persons using website

4. Following data is only used for the purpose of service administration.


V. Data Sharing

1. Data sharing may be delivered to external partners accordingly only on the basis of present legal regulations.

2. Data which allows to identify a user as a physical person may be shared only after individual's acceptance.

3. Data administrator is legally bound to give information gathered by the service to authorities legally Able to request for such a data resulting from existing law.


VI. Managing Cookies – How to accept and cancel one's consent

1. If the user does not want to receive cookies, user may change browser settings. We kindly inform that by doing that some functionality may be unable to use and sometimes it may even exclude user from using the service.

2. For cookies management choose Your browser from list below:

  1. Internet Explorer

  2. Chrome

  3. Safari

  4. Firefox

  5. Opera

  6. Android

  7. Safari (iOS)

  8. Windows Phone

  9. Blackberry