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Orders can be placed 24/7. Orders realisation operates monday to friday between 9 a.m and 14 a.m. Order realisation time: up to 7 work days.

Shipping in Poland via DHL delivery company.

Costs of delivery:

  • delivery company: 15 PLN

  • pay-on-delivery – 20 PLN

  • Personal reception – Pomorska 40 in Łódź in FIT and JUMP Office Monday-Friday 9 a.m- 4 p.m. E Block, II floor. Available after phone confirmation 795-960-272


Payment can be placed:

  • Pay-on-delivery

  • prepaid on bank account

  • via ''Przelewy 24''

  • directly on bank account given below:

    89 1240 3073 1111 0010 6029 8965
    KEJT Katarzyna Kucińska
    Pomorska 40 91-408 Łódź
    Please give Your Order number in transfer detalis.

Shipping will be conducted only after transfered money is booked on bank account if prepaid has been chosen. Pay-on-delivery is realised from monday to friday between 9 a.m and 2 p.m. Orders placed after 2 p.m. will be realized next day.

Return (canceletion of contract)

According to legal regulations – Art. 7, the buyer can cancel the contract without giving any reason no longer than 14 days after the product has been delivered. Customer must inform the seller about the will to cancel the contract on writting.

Template of such a will can be downloaded here.

The product must be sent back to adress which it has been sent from:

KEJT Katarzyna Kucińska
Pomorska 40, 91-408 Łódź
Tel. 795-960-272

with adnotation: Return ( online store )

Return is available only if product has not been used ( it has no visible tracks and marks of being used ). Additionaly, the product should be sent in the original box. Shipping cost of return is a duty of a Customer. The will of Return and the proof of a transaction ( invoice, receipt ) must be attached to a return package.

Money paid by customer will be sent back to customer via bank transfer on the account given by a customer in a will of return no longer than in 14 days.. ( in some cases postal money transfer is available ).

The money sent back to the customer will include the price for the product and shipping costs offered by the seller. All extra options chosen by the customer will not be included to the return money.

The pay-on-delivery return to a seller will not be accepted.

If the return is rejected due to not meeting the requirements from point 2, section VI of this Terms of Usage, the customer who return a product will be informed about rejection of his/her return via email, and the shipping will be realized on customer's cost.


The proof of a transaction ( invoice, receipt ) is essential for the reclamation procedure.

Reclamation will must be done on writting. Template of such a will can be downloaded here.

Every Reclamation will be conduced no longer that in 14 days from the day of failured product.

Reclamation shipping adress:

KEJT Katarzyna Kucińska
Pomorska 40, 91-408 Łódź
Tel. 795-960-272

with adnotation: Reclamation ( online store )

Seller is responsible for failueres and defects resulting in lowering the value or usage which occured in a product before the product was delivered to a Customer. Seller is not responsible for physical hidden failures which occured in a product after it was delivered to a Customer.

According to the legal regulations – Art. 8, the bill from 27th July, 2002 of Consument Transaction Bill ((Dz. U. Nr 141, poz. 1176 ze zm.), if a product is not as the agreement consitue, the seller may demand repair or renovation for free. If the repair is ismpossible, the product must be exchanged to a new one, if this is impossible, the shop will give the money back ( off-stock product) or offer other prodcut in value equal to the reclamated product price.

The Reclamation should consist of information, description of the failure of a product, date of its occurence and the choice of a way of compensating the damages. The customer can not reject free repair if this guarantees full recovery of a reclamated product.

If the failure happend in the shipping, the customer should prepare a protocol with the personal assistance and signature of a delivery company employee. Please attach this protocol to a reclameted product. Reclamation without the protocol will be invalid.

The positive or negative decisio of reclamation procedure will be delivered via email to a Customer.

It is impossible to perform a reclamation procedure in retails, selling Fit and Jump and licensed fitness clubs.

The cost of shipping must be paid by a Customer. If a reclamation is enforced, the seller will cover the expenses of the shipping paid by a customer in advance.

Pay-on-delivery will not be accepted by a seller.

Reclamation Contact:


tel: 795-960-272

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