TRAMPOLINES for Fitness Clubs

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TRAMPOLINES for Fitness Clubs
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Polish Physiotherapy and Sport Institute opinion

Fit and Jump trampoline

The role of trampolines in sport and rehabilitation is practically underestimated. This modern, known for long form of physical activity improves the body endurance in the easy and positively pleasant way therefore it improves also the mood and spirit of the trainee.
Exercises are based on constant disbalance, static and dynamic stability by using the soft and cushioning mat. Engaging the natural stabilizing functions of nervous system – proprioception, sensomotoric and other is the key factor in creating proper impulses of this body system. Thanks to the proper functioning of muscles and joints, the safety of workout is increased and the risk of contusions decreases.


Fit and Jump equipment can be used in specialist rehabilitation with patients after ACL, MCL and PCL treatment, meniscus, arm, hand and joints damages. To do that it is essential to adapt the workout program with the modification based on neurophysiological methods. Trampoline can be used practically on every step of such treatment until proper proprioception is restored. Either fresh or subacute contusions can be treated with properly adapted rehabilitation program.

Injury prevention

Natural protection from injuries is to enforce biomechanical system of our body to perform cocontraction – that means that muscles around the joint are forced to contraction. It is crucial element of prevention because creating a proper contraction prevents the injuries. It is vital for physiotherapist' or coaches to have the knowledge about either the sport rehabilitation or neurophysiology. Understanding these aspects and connecting them on the basis of experience, one is given practically unlimited options of sensomotorical exercises.

Trampoline can be used also during normal training cycle and during personal programs as a tool, which can stimulate body balance system and it can improve also its precise usage. It is also used as a cardio fat burn equipment. Elicitation of muscles chains stimulates the body movement system. It relieves the joints by improving active stabilization mechanism and restore general balance this complex movement body system.

Other brands on the market

Every day other companies launch their fitness trampoline prototypes under their brands. But We will not mention here any examples. We just want to warn You especially when You look for the cheapest solutions. Chinese or unknown origin of fitness equipment carries the risk for You and Your trainees. Uncertified springs, unstable construction or poor quality materials can be very dangerous during intensive trampoline usage.

Our trampolines are produced in Poland only with Polish and Western certified materials. Everyday workouts give us a possibility to check and monitor our equipment durability and when it is needed we adapt necessary changes. Thanks to that, we constantly chance the perfection of our products, so You can jump and entertain yourself in a perfect environment.

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